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A simple and inexpensive way to own and automate a global investment portfolio. Start with as little as $1,000 USD and the freedom to access your money anytime.

Global portfolio

Personalized, globally diversified and automatically rebalanced.

Professionally designed

Portfolios professionally designed and optimized by Morningstar Investment Management.

Low price

Only 0.88% annual fee. Access to your money anytime at no cost.

Monitor anytime

Access your portfolio performance anytime from any device.

You work hard. Your money should too.

Are you happy with your current investment options? We didn't think so.

Low savings rates

You are not earning much interest in your savings account. You probably pay more in fees than you earn.

Expensive advisors

Financial advisors and mutual funds can charge as much as 5% annually with limited flexibility and hidden fees.

Complex stock picking

Picking stocks yourself is scary, complicated, risky. You don't have time.


The key to building wealth is with a globally diversified portfolio.

A professional portfolio built just for you

We have partnered with Morningstar Investment Management who has over 30 years of professional asset management and research experience. Together we will build you a personalized portfolio of high quality exchange traded funds. Our conservative portfolios aim to preserve value by investing in lower risk assets such as bonds and cash and stock of large and stable companies. Our aggressive portfolios target to maximize returns by taking a relatively higher degree of risk. These portfolios have a higher weighting of stock and a smaller allocation to bonds and cash. We will pair your personal investing profile with the best portfolio that meets your goals. As economic conditions change, your portfolio will automatically be adjusted and optimized for you at no cost.

There is over $190 billion total investment in the exchange traded funds we use to design your portfolio. The individual funds are actively managed by world class companies such as Vanguard and BlackRock.

How have the portfolios performed?

On average the portfolios we use have generated the following returns. However, its important to recognize that past performance does not guarantee future returns.


5 years


3 years


1 year

Simple pricing. No surprises.

Our fees are low, simple and transparent. You can get started with as little as $1,000 USD. Invest more at anytime or set up a monthly investment plan. It's up to you. You can sell your portfolio and access your money at anytime with no fees or penalties.

Low price

You pay only a 0.88% annual fee that is charged monthly.

No hidden fees

No commissions. No entry fee. No exit fee. No switching fee.

Free rebalancing

Free rebalancing of your portfolio and quarterly performance report.

Relationship manager

Priority service and quarterly performance review.

About us

We believe world class investing products and services should be available to everyone, not just the privileged few. Our mission is to revolutionize investment services with big ideas, powerful technology and solutions that dramatically improve the customer experience. We believe in simplicity and use technology to remove the unnecessary complexity and fees that are so common with traditional banks and brokerages. 8 Securities group has a large customer base from around the globe with an assets balance of $US 750,000,000. Best of all, we are based here in Asia ready to help you take your investing to the next level. The 8 Securities group has offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

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