Simple and fast global trading. Anytime and anywhere.

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Simple, fast, global trading

Trade over 15,000 US, HK and China stocks and ETFs.

Trade anytime

Monitor your positions and trade on the go. You have total control.

Low price

Only flat-fee HK$88 for Hong Kong stocks and US$ 8.88 for US stocks.

Safe and secure

Connected to the largest banks for the safe custody of your assets.

What we believe

We believe that the world of investing has been closed to too many, for too long. A handful of deep-pocketed investors shouldn’t be the only ones making their money work harder. We believe that everyone, whoever you are and however little or much you have to play with, deserves the same access to world-class investing as the big guys. We believe that the time has come to shake up an outdated system that’s all too happy to create complex products to justify their inflated fees. Today, like those who’ve revolutionized industries before us, we’re harnessing technology to make investing cheaper, simpler and easier. Our customers hold $800 million in assets in their 8 Securities accounts. We're blowing the world of investing wide open... and everyone's invited.

Low and simple pricing. No surprises.

Our fees are low, simple and transparent. You pay a flat-fee commission when you trade and your real-time quotes, market information and research is free. It's that easy. Regardless of the size of your trade you pay the same low fee. Unlike most brokerages and banks, you won't need a calculator or a PHD in mathematics to understand our fees.

US equities

Flat-fee US$8.88 per trade.

HK and China equities

Flat-fee HK$88 per trade.

Free real-time quotes

Free quotes, market information and social network.

Friendly customer service

Friendly, fast and reliable customer care.

Simple and fast access the world's most important stocks

Serious security

We take the security of your information and money very seriously. You have the peace of mind that we use bank level security and data encryption to protect you at all times. Our infrastructure is robust and runs on systems supported by world class companies such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. We have relationships with the largest banks in Asia including HSBC, Standard Chartered and Bank Of China to ensure the safe custody of your funds and assets.

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