Asia’s first B2B white label robo-advisor solution for major financial institutions.

Reach the younger generation of investors with 8 Securities’ robo-advisor.

You are a major bank, broker or asset manager and you are facing the universal issue of an aging customer base. If you are not mobile, simple and affordable, young customers are out of reach.

Just like you, we are licensed and regulated and also have thousands of retail customers. Unlike your clients, our average customer is 30 years old and 100% mobile.

We understand what they want. With our knowledge of Millennials, we can offer you our robo-advisor mobile investing app on a white label basis.

Our robo-advisor business solutions are multi-asset class, currency and language. They can be easily adapted to your markets and the specific product you want to use, be it mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, etc. Everything from portfolio strategy, rebalancing algorithms and customer account opening can be customised for your business.

We knows what it takes to work with big institutions. We are currently building investing solutions for Nomura’s new generation of customers.

8 Securities is based in Hong Kong and one of the largest and fastest growing fintech companies in Asia. We are made up of a unique union of finance and technology professionals, all of whom share a focus on providing the world’s best mobile robo investing service.

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Our technology


Our robo-advisor platform is multi-market, multi-currency, multi-asset class, multi-lingual and multi-regulatory. Any geography is possible. We can help you deploy your robo-advisor on iOS, Android, Windows mobile or a web application.


We utilize a modular card system for all product features. Every card can be enabled or disabled based on your own customer requirements. We can support front, middle and back-office as well as execution and custody of the portfolios.

Open APIs

We can configure your mobile and web apps or you can build your own on our back-end APIs. Our apps use the same public APIs as most cloud services. We can integrate with and “internationalize” any third-party technology.

Flexible infrastructure

Our APIs are built on top of microservices that are platform and cloud agnostic. We can deploy our APIs on your private infrastructure or we can host the entire platform for you. You can even have a hybrid solution.

PAAS for scalability

PAAS (platform as a service) enables a lot of simple out of the box functionalities such as distributed microservices and auto-scaling. We can support any number of businesses and configurations running on our platform simultaneously.

Experienced team

The development and tech operations team has deep experience in building and deploying white label wealth management and brokerage solutions. Our UX team can support any interface design.

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