What is membership fee?

The Membership Fee is a monthly fee for the subscription of our regulated activity services.


When did you start charging the membership fee?

We notified our clients in November 2018 and officially kicked off the new pricing change since the start of February 2019.


Terms and conditions

Charge waiver for account with less than HKD 15,000 asset
No membership fees will be charged for accounts with less than HKD 15,000 total assets value (excluding assets in Chloe account) throughout an entire calendar month. However if you reach HKD 15,000 in total assets value on any day within the calendar month, you will be charged the membership fee on the next business day.

Chloe accounts will not be charged the membership fee. Chloe fee will remain the same and charged separately, free for accounts under HKD 8,888 and only a 0.88% annual fee above.

Calculation of account assets value is in HKD. For any assets in USD or CNY, the value will be calculated using the daily exchange rate provided by 8 securities Limited. We will deduct the whole amount of HK$88 from your account at our daily exchange rate in the priority of HKD, USD and CNY. If you do not have the equivalent of HK$88 in any currency then we will deduct the fee in HKD, resulting in a debit balance. Bear in mind that a Prime + 8% interest rate will be applied to your debit balance.

Refund Policy for satisfaction guarantee
If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, please contact us at [email protected] or +852 2693 8888 within 30 days from the debited date to apply for a refund.

  • The refund only applies to HKD 88 fees paid for membership and does not include stock exchange and clearing fees, fees for nominee services, corporate action, funds and account services.
  • Under this satisfaction guarantee, customers are eligible for only one refund for the entire life of the accounts.
  • Customer are eligible to receive up to HKD 88 upon refund approved.
  • The refund will take up to 5 business days and will be credited to your trading account with 8.
  • Any customer whose account has been suspended or terminated has automatically forfeited the right to use the satisfaction guarantee.

8 Securities Limited reserves the final right to interpret the terms and conditions herein

Are other banks or brokers cheaper?

HKD 88 is less than a single trade at most banks and brokers. While some of our competitors claim to be affordable, they have hidden platform and transaction fees you should be aware of. We prefer to be simple and transparent. You can trade 1 million times with monthly membership fee of HKD 88 only.

*Please refer to Fees and Charges Table for more details

Can I opt out?

We are going to waive the membership fee for all customers until 31st January 2019 so please give it a try.

If you don’t like it we can help you close your account...we will be sad to see you go however!
You can email [email protected] or call +852 2693 8888 and your Relationship Manager will assist you.

If I don’t trade this month, do I still have to pay?

Yes, we charge the membership fee each month. But if you hold under HKD15,000 in assets with us, the membership will be free.

*Terms and conditions apply

Why HKD88?

Over the course of the past year, our customers have grown 300%. With growth, we must increase our investment in technology infrastructure, R&D and service. More specifically, we must invest in more product development engineers, AI and data scientists and Relationship Managers to support you. HKD88 is less than a single trade at most banks and brokers, and it gives us enough income to continue to advance the app and service for you. We back this up with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with our service for any reason, we will refund your monthly membership.

We want to continue to make 8 available to students and those that are just getting started, if you hold under HKD15,000 in assets with us, you will not be charged the membership fee.

*Terms and conditions apply

Fees and Charges Table

The Fees and Charges are also (besides any terms entered between the client and our Company) subject to the Terms and Conditions in relation to Fees and Charges as posted from our website from time to time.

Any Refund fund in relation to Fees and Charges is subject to our Refund policy and procedure. Please refer to our website for detail.

pdf  Fees and Charges Table