Why 8?

In Chinese culture, 8 is considered to be the luckiest number of all because it signifies wealth and prosperity. A man in Sichuan Province paid 1 million RMB for a lucky 88888 license plate. The car he put it on was worth only 30,000 RMB. It’s also no coincidence that the Beijing Olympics started at 8pm on 8/8/2008.

We named our company 8 because it symbolizes the long-term wealth, abundance and prosperity we want to help you achieve, simple as that. And hey, a little good luck never hurt anyone!

Our Story

8 was co-founded by Mathias Helleu and Mikaal Abdulla. Before 8, they built E*TRADE’s international business in 15 countries spanning Greater China, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe, and Canada. E*TRADE was a pioneer of online investing in Hong Kong and the first to offer investors low-cost, flat-fee commissions.

Entrepreneurs at heart, they decided to build a totally new investing service to meet the needs of young customers. They saw traditional banks and brokers taking advantage of customers with complex and unaffordable products with high transaction fees and hidden costs. Aiming to solve this problem, 8 was born in 2012 with a promise of simple, transparent and affordable mobile investing solutions.

The company now has tens of thousands of customers in over 50 countries. 8 has secured over US$60 million in venture capital and become one of the largest and fastest growing fintech companies in Asia.

Innovate or…

8 has been a real trailblazer in the region thanks to a totally fresh and innovative take on the industry. We’ve achieved a whole lot of ‘firsts’. We launched Asia’s first mobile-only investing service, first robo-advisor, first social trading platform, and first zero commission trading. In 2012, 8 was Asia’s first brokerage platform to launch entirely in the cloud.

Innovation is everything to us, and we ensure that half of our team focus exclusively on tech, product development, and R&D. Our commitment to our customers is simple; we will continue to push the envelope, and we will keep building products and services that are easy to use and faster and more affordable than big banks and brokerages. Just. Like. That.


Our team is a unique union of technology and finance professionals. We span 9 nationalities and believe diversity makes us stronger. We all share a singular focus on building the world’s best mobile investing service for our customers.